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Be True to the Game

Step into Jairo Sosa’s installation, “Be True to the Game” and it feels as though you’ve stumbled upon the conclusion of a journey, an archaeological site or a moment of collective surrender. Room 3557, a small and mighty artist project space, is brimming with eight tons of sand and partially buried earthenware, stoneware and porcelain basketballs in various shapes of mishape, deflation and rupture, along with one built-in corner pedestal. Sosa’s basketballs range in color from metallic and leather-like glazes to capturing the oozing minerals of a cave. The one-room exhibition space acts as a crucible for the fired materials, where the earth tones give the basketballs a purpose beyond decoration amidst the sand dunes.  Text from Artillery Magazine

A solo exhibition at Room 3557 

3557 1st St., Los Angeles

November 11, 2023 – February 3, 2024

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